Who We Are

It all started with two students, on a college campus, in 2014 …
Back then, Aviran and Yehuda were just two young men with an entrepreneurial spirit. Aviran had just begun a project selling Rosso capsules for Nespresso machines for a reasonable price. Yehuda was heading up his family’s real estate business and an organization that assisted elderly holocaust survivors. 

It didn’t take long for both to realize that they wanted to team up and take Aviran’s espresso idea international. Did they know much about American or Canadian markets? Absolutely not. Did they believe in the idea? You bet.

Six years later, Rosso Caffe has sold more than 30 millions espresso pods to more than 300,000 customers. They are now one of the best sellers on Amazon in both the US and Canada, topping 10 million pods sold every year

Why We Do What We Do

Rosso is proud to say that they are one of the last major companies involved in every step of the coffee process, from sourcing, to roasting, packing, manufacturing, and finally, delivering the pods to all the coffee lovers out there. 

They do this because they call themselves coffee lovers, too. Over the years, they’ve come to see it as a way of life, not just a business. They believe there’s one thing that everyone can agree on  — gourmet espresso should be something everyone can enjoy. Whether you can afford a yacht, or not.

Cheers to every brew head, 

Aviran & Yehuda, Co-founders

Rosso Caffe