Variety Pack (120 pods)
Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods) Variety Pack (120 pods)


ROSSO CAFFÈ Variety Pack (120 Pods)

Bundle includes 120 Nespresso Compatible Capsules:

20 ‘Delicato’ blend: Fruity & delicate. Intensity level 4.
20 ‘Purismo’ blend: Soft & balanced. Intensity level 5.
20 ‘Ricco’ blend: Rich & smooth. Intensity level 6.
20 ‘Intelligente’ blend: Woody & complex. Intensity level 8.
20 ‘Maestro’ blend: Fruity & strong. Intensity level 9.
20 ‘Gentleman’ blend: Round & full-bodied. Intensity level 10.

  • The Finest Coffee You'll Ever Taste — At Rosso Caffe, all of our coffee beans are sourced sustainably from the very best ethical coffee farms in Costa Rica, Brazil & Colombia. The end result? Great tasting coffee in every single sip. With 350,000 happy Rosso fans worldwide. Join us on our mission to make coffee great again!
  • The Most Incredible Flavours — Our variety pack provides a combination of our best ever tasting single-serve nespresso compatible pods. A delicious selection of blends from around the globe. Transport yourself through taste, with our variety collection of 6x10 pods: Gentleman, Maestro, Intelligente, Ricco, Purismo, and Delicato.
  • Supporting Local Farmers — Enjoy richer, bolder espresso, whilst doing the right thing for our planet! Each pod is packaged with zero waste, 100% recyclable, made from food-safe polypropylene, and free of any toxic halogens, BPA or phthalates. We cut out the middlemen and support local farmers by sourcing and collaborating directly.
  • Real Espresso Lovers — At Rosso Caffe, we're coffee lovers too, and for us, coffee is a way of life, not just a business. We're proud to say that we are one of the last major companies involved in every step of the coffee process, from sourcing, to roasting, packing, manufacturing, and finally, delivering the coffee capsules to all the coffee lovers out there.
  • Nespresso Original Line Compatible — We’re making life easier with our updated design and capsule technology that keeps our blends fresh, bold, and fully safe. This also allows our coffee machine pods to be compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso machines. Please note that our pods are NOT compatible with VertuoLine.